About Me

I am a photographer based on the edge of the Derwent Valley in Derbyshire. I specialise in wedding photography, contemporary portraits of children, teenagers and adults.

I love the arts and have been passionate about photography since the age of 13. I’ve tried my hand at drawing, painting, acting and performance poetry. I’m a published poet, have written a novel and have made a number of short films including one for for Film Four – but everytime I go off, I always come back in the end to photography. Especially portrait photography.

In my eyes every person has their own interesting unique persona and I love to try and catch a glimpse of that in a photograph.

I achieve this by working with my clients where they feel most comfortable. Often, this is at home or a place of natural beauty that means something special to them.

With Wedding Photography I offer FREE Pre-Wedding Sessions to allow me to get to know the engaged couple and discover what they really want on their big day. I’ll go out of my way to ensure my subjects are happy and relaxed.

A good portrait lasts a lifetime and my aim is for my clients to get a lifetime’s pleasure from the photographs I deliver.