Birmingham Pre-Wedding

April 21st, 2013

Kingstanding, Birmingham

Although I’m a Derby Photographer I do actually photograph weddings throughout the country – though predominantly in Derbyshire and the East Midlands. So, when I got a request to find out if I would photograph a wedding in Birmingham I said yes. Also, I am originally from Birmingham so I’m regularly there anyway.

As with all my wedding shoots, included is a pre-wedding shoot. The couple were quite shy and hesitant about having a pre-wedding shoot. I told them not to worry. I needed to meet them anyhow, to discuss their wedding arrangments, so we decided to meet up at the church. As well as being able to go through the wedding schedule it meant that we could also meet the priest who was going to give the service. This would allow me to find out when and where I would be allowed to photograph during the wedding ceremony.

Christ the King Church, Birmingham

The ceremony was being held at the Catholic Church, Christ the King. The couple showed me around the church and I had a chat with the Priest – who was extremely helpful and friendly. It was then that I suggested to the couple that I take a few photographs, so as to get them relaxed in front of the camera. I felt it would be much better on their wedding day that I (and the camera) where not seen as stressful. The couple agreed to have a few photographs taken, so we went around the church, and grounds, for a quick pre-wedding photo session. Within a few minutes they began to relax.

Relaxed Portraits

After an hour we had to finish as a wedding was soon going to take place in the church. The couple thanked me and said they’d never had their portraits taken and had always shied away from the camera. When they saw the results, they were very happy.

Below are a selection of photographs from the day.

If you are planning on getting married in Birmingham, Derby or the Midlands, I’d love to hear from you.