Child Portrait Photography Mickleover, Derby

May 23rd, 2012

Photographing Children

I love taking photos of children. They’re so confident and imaginative in front of the camera. The hardest part of child photography is taking photos of your own children. As soon as you point a camera at your own children they’ll often pull a funny face or run away. With another adult they’re responsive and helpful. I’ve spoken to many photographers and they all agree they find it very difficult to consistently shoot photos of their own children.

Mickleover on an Overcast Day

So, it was a pleasure to photograph another photographer’s children and their friend. We went to some grassland to do the photography. Mickleover, to be precise. We went to a popular place for dog walking. It was an overcast day, but this didn’t deter the kids. They were the real stars, always ready to pose and perform for the camera.

Outside Studio

As the place was popular with dog walkers we even got the opportunity to take some photographs with one of the dog’s who was extremely sociable and gentle with the children.

Lots of kid photographers use their family portrait studios to take their children and family shots. This is great if you’re looking for the standard ‘white background’ shot, but I feel children are so much more akin to the outdoors and feel so well balanced there, it seems a shame to not use it.

My derby studio is the great outdoors and I think the photographs here demonstrate how more wonderful the lifestyle portrait can be. Also, in a studio, when will you get the chance to easily practice football, run around trees or grab a passing dog walker and borrow their dog for a few shots?

If you like what you see and would like similar photos of your children please do not hesitate to contact me.