Duffield, Derbyshire Pre-Wedding

March 29th, 2012

Free Pre-Wedding Session

As part of my Wedding Photography package I offer a FREE pre-wedding or engagement session. Furthermore, you don’t need to use me as your wedding photographer. FREE means FREE (I have no small print saying otherwise!) So, when Meg and Tom contacted me 7 weeks before their Wedding in Duffield – saying they loved my portrait photography – and would I like to take their wedding photographs? – I said I’d love to! I then asked them if they’d like a FREE Pre-wedding photography session somewhere in Derbyshire? They jumped at it!

Banks of the River Derwent, Derbyshire

Meg and Tom are getting married at St. Alkmunds Church in Duffield, Derbyshire. The Church sits next to the River Derwent and along a footpath that goes into Derby. It seemed a good idea to meet up here for an informal pre-wedding session.

It’s a very picturesque location so there was plenty of beautiful scenary to choose for our locations. Meg and Tom finished work early so we took advantage of the late afternoon March sun and longer days. The weather didn’t disappoint. We spent 2 hours wandering along the river bank and footpath. The footpath goes under the Derby to Sheffield trainline, through an old stone bridge, which made a great location for some off camera magazine style shots. Also, the sun was setting at one end of the tunnel which enabled us to get some great dusky highlight shots.

Wedding Requirements

The FREE pre-wedding session serves a second purpose which I’m adamant about. That is, to ensure the Bride and Groom really do get what they want from their wedding photographer. A wedding happens once. It is a brief moment in one’s life but it is a moment people never want to forget.

Timeless Photographs

The flowers may fade, the cake is eaten, the guests come and go, but it is the wedding photographs that remain – a timeless reminder of a very special day. The photographs are very important and the pre-wedding session is a chance for the couple to meet me, the photographer, discuss what they like and dislike, learn to relax in front of a camera, and most importantly – see if we fit.

It’s FREE!

The last thing that should ever happen is that the bride and groom do not get on with their photographer. If the couple are not happy, they do not need to choose me to be their photographer. They get a FREE pre-wedding session and a gallery of photographs to view.

They also get a chance to see what their wedding photographs might look like. The quality and the expressions. If they like what they see they can take it further and hire me. Surfeit it to say, Meg and Tom loved their photographs and were very excited for me to take their wedding photographs:

Meg and Tom’s Testimonial

We received the photos today and are blown away! You did an amazing job! Thank you so much.

The ones we selected look so professional we want to put them on show.

As you can imagine, we are very happy that you will be photographing our wedding and look forward to seeing you again.