Portrait Sessions

Portrait sessions work best where you feel happy and relaxed. This could be your home, a garden, park or woodland – you will know best. Often, using as much natural light as possible, whether we are in or out of doors, captures people “in their best light.”

Before each session we will agree in detail exactly what you want from your portraits. I will also help by suggesting locations, times, clothes and props.

If it is a small child then we will arrange the session around that individual child’s routines. This is very important because we are aiming to capture the best of that child in a photograph that will bring pleasure for a lifetime.

For child sessions mornings are often the best, straight after breakfast. You will know yourself that this is the time when most children are at their best!

A session lasts 1-2 hours. It is important not to rush anything – you know what children are like! I will fit in around the family routines as this keeps everyone involved relaxed and at ease. Children get tired and need regular breaks to refresh their energy levels so we often stop for snacks and drinks!

Some children can take a while to relax in front of a camera or around strangers. Others have an immediate affinity to a lens pointed at them. It’s the pictures that count and that is my priority. Time can come and go.

I will strive to create something precious and timeless for you.