Portraits of Brothers – Littleover, Derby

Boy with Teddy Bear
February 18th, 2013
Two weeks ago I photographed a couple of brothers (7 & 8 year-old’s) at their home in Littleover, Derby.


They were expecting me and the eldest had decided he didn’t want his photograph taken and deliberately stayed in the kitchen while I was invited into the living-room. I understood his apprehension. His mother explained that a few months earlier he’d had school photographs taken which had come back horrible. It didn’t help that the photographer, while trying to get a smile with a hand puppet, had nearly terrified him! But that’s a whole different story!

“Lucky to get a Smile!”

A friend, who knew the children, had also warned me that he didn’t like having his photo taken. “You’ll be lucky to get a smile from him!” she’d said. She also added that I’d be, “lucky to last more than 30 minutes.”

Relaxed Photography

I’ve heard warnings like this before. Whether it be from a bride & groom, parents or friends. And although I take note of them, and don’t dismiss their fears, I feel confident that I’ll get the photographs I’m looking for. This is why people hire me. If they can get the same sort of emotions and quality from their own photographs; then they’ll do it themselves – and save a little money on the way.

Happy Children

So I set to work alleviating the boys fears, relaxing them, playing with them, and getting them on my side. It doesn’t take me long for a child to open up, trust me and let me have free reign to photograph them in their world. I love to capture children at play being themselves. I create memories and emotions that a parent (and the children) can treasure. Take a look and see what you think.

Get your Own Memories

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Boy Grinning
Boy Smiling by Door
Brothers Lounging
Boy Laughing
Playing with Lego
Meditating on Stairs
Boy Relaxed in Hall
Shooting Playmobil Toys
Shooting Photographer
Hugging Teddy Bear
Hugging Teddy Bear
Boy Leaping #1
Boy Leaping #2
Boy Presenting
Boy Laughing
Playing in Living Room
Making a Cup of Tea
Slicing an Apple
Cutting an Apple with a Sword
Business Look

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