Pre-Wedding Checklist

July 5th, 2012

Pre-Wedding Checklist

  • Pick a location you feel relaxed in.
  • Is there anything about photography you don’t like?
  • Wear clothes you feel good in.
  • Don’t wear clothes with Logos, Band Names, etc
  • Don’t wear clothes that will clash.
  • Don’t have a bulky wallet in a pocket.
  • Don’t carry a handbag.
  • Have Fun!

What is a Pre Wedding Session?

As a Derby Wedding Photographer I like to ensure that the couple will get a wonderful set of Wedding Photographs in Derby, Derbyshire or the surrounding area. To ensure this, I offer FREE Pre Wedding (or Engagement) Photography Sessions in Derby (or surrounding area).

The Pre Wedding Session is a chance for me to meet the couple and for the couple to get used to being infront of a camera. It is also a time when the requirements for the wedding photographs can be discussed and any worries or concerns ironed out. The last thing you want on your Big Day is to discover you don’t like the photographer or you’re unsure of their style or mannerisms! Finally, the Pre Wedding Session is a chance for the couple to get some great relaxed photographs before they are married.

Where Does it Take Place?

Wherever you want!

That was the simple answer, but it’s up to you. I’d suggest somewhere where you feel happy and relaxed, e.g. a favourite park. Other good places are outside in your local town or village, or at the place where you will finally get married. If you choose this final option, it also gives everyone the chance to explore and discuss what sort of photographs will be required at the actual wedding.

What Do I Need to Bring?

Derby Wedding Photographer Pre Wedding

Derby Wedding Pre Wedding Location

Yourselves and smiles!

That’s about it really. Also, any ideas or thoughts you may have about the photos and posing, and, any concerns you may have, e.g. you dislike profile shots, or you don’t like seeing the scar on your hand, etc. If there is something photographically you dislike or are worried about, let me know, and we can ensure this isn’t a problem on your big day.

What Should I Wear?

You need to feel comfortable. If you feel confortable in the clothes you’re wearing, and don’t feel subconcious about them, then you’re going to act relaxed and look good. This is not a fashion shoot, it’s a pre-wedding shoot. The important parts of this session are the couple, not the clothes.

That said, I’d suggest you do not wear anything with logos / adverts / pictures on it. The reason being is that now they may be very fashionable but in a number of years time the pictures will seem very dated. Also, think as a couple. Don’t wear anything that’s going to clash with your partner! But don’t feel you can only wear black or white. Just be yourself, and if you really are unsure, bring a change of clothes or a jumper/jacket you can add or take off to change your look. The clothes may even come in handy as props!

Anything Else?

It may rain, it might be hot, or cold, or windy, or hail or snow – this is the UK remember – so be prepared. If the weather is really bad I’ll reschedule the session, but British weather can change quickly, so be prepared – just in case.

Another thing is not to have any bags / handbags. Why? Because bags do not look very good in portrait photographs. Likewise bulky wallets bulging in shirts/trouser pockets do not photograph well. If you do bring a bag make sure you don’t mind placing it on the floor.

Enjoy yourself!